Mattowar: Guitar
Mr. Kavetski: Guitar (Bass 1999-2004)
Jo Jo Gold: Bass (2004)
Hamiltron: Drums
No Moniker: Vocals

Oakland, CA. (1999 to Present)

"Kill The Dreamer's Dream" LP/CD (Alternative Tentacles) 2001
"The Game Of Futbol" CDEP/10" (Picture Disc) (Adeline) 2002
"The Sicilian" LP/CD (Alternative Tentacles) 2003
"Gung Ho!" comp / split discography CD (Life is Abuse) 2004
Split 7" w. The Jocks"Playdough EP" ( S.P.A.M.)
Split 7" with Phantom Limbs (S.P.A.M./Mungaso Records) 2001
Split 7" with Federation X (Molasses Manifesto) 2001
Split 7" with Victim's Family (Alternative Tentacles) 2001
Split 7" with Toys That Kill (Picture Disk) (GC Records) 2003
"Arbgabdo, Baby!" tape. Self-Released 1999
s/t Demo CD (S.P.A.M.) 2000


P.O. Box 3026
Oakland, CA 94609


FLESHIES make giant rock big explosion sound yes! Much excitement, four members stand and make jumping leaps with yelling, drums, rock electric guitar. MATTOWAR, playing six string rock electric guitar and who is bellowing as like a wounded oxen while the face is red with a mouth open wide very much like a cartoon. If MATTOWAR is angry it brings much amusement, but it is scary too! HAMILTRON, he who hits big loud drums hard with heavy sticks and breaks them then HAMILTRON will grab personal microphone and will do mean yelling at audience. Sometimes a any mystery man milkman will perform vomit all over HAMILTRON while HAMILTRON is playing! JOHNNY NO MONIKER is yelling into personal microphone at same time as he is running around and do sweat hug people in audience lots. JOHNNY NO MONIKER says if he would to have one wish it is thought to be global collectivization and abolition of capital, but if there is failure then he thinks that everybody should have no thumbs and no tongue and no feet and everybody all should be sterilized too. VONNY BON BONS plays big go riffage out on six string rock electric guitar and does sing one minute not unlike little angel boy then in next minute will scream as if one little devil boy. When VONNY BON BONS will drink malt liquor he does all jump very much all over drums bass, and MATTOWAR! JO JO GOLD play bang boom pow! Notes out on four string rock electric bass and is much like green giant but not jolly always! JO JO GOLD would be jolly for if he only could get big green hands around neck of George Bush. FLESHIES together will be ugly, loud, perhaps fast, sometimes sweet.


Singing about jobs, obscure 19th century leftist groups as metaphor for modern-day reactionary politics, touring, girls, killing people they don't like, the end of the world, hope, giant meatballs, arming the homeless, alcohol, domestic spying, Led Fuckin' Zepplin MAN!, cops, skateboarding, subjugation of the 3rd world, futbol, driving while on acid, sex, telemarketing, plus maybe just you. Jump up fall down roll on floor piss bottles all over! And feel love spit and beer yes! FLESHIES love you.



"Gung Ho!" CD
2004 (LIFE 032)
Available Now