2003 (LIFE 024)
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Gatefold LP pressed in Europe

Brainoil has been at it for a close to 4 years now, churning out their own brand of heavy as fuck, riff fanatical sludge. Brainoil is composed of three mad thrashers from the Bay Area.... Greg from LANA DAGALAS, IRA from GRIMPLE (and their amazing new metal band WATCH THEM DIE), and NATE who played in DESTROY and has a second cousin who plays in NIGEL PEPPER COCK. Previous releases include a split CD with defunct local sludge brains, CRUEVO and a split 7" with Reno's almighty IRON LUNG. Cover artwork by Oakland artist JUDD HAWK. The cd contains videos files of a live show at Gilman and the infamous "Showdown" Video made from their demo version of "I won't Die" by Scott Andrade.

Track Listing:

1) Dark eyes of my past
2) Naive in a bliss
3) Wielding Strength
4) Complete? / Lucid Vision (mp3)
5) One Leaf Untouched (mp3)
6) Inquistion (mp3)
7) Support in Numbers

Release Date: 2003
Catalog #: LIFE 024


"This LP is so intense that only those with leather eardrums can survive it. After releasing a free-over-the-internet demo, an extremely rare and collectable split 7" with IRON LUNG, and an earth-cracking split CD with CRUEVO; this Bay Area trio has finally unveiled their debut LP. Any and all expectations (and from me there were many) have been exceeded. This is easily the best sludge album so far this year. BRAINOIL are maniacal riff merchants. The sound waves they create literally have a tangible and physical presence, you more than hear them; you feel them. Hell, you can almost taste them and smell them. More driving and rapid (all things being relative) than most of their tar coated peers, BRAINOIL are likely to have a broader appeal than most bands of their breed. Only a fool would pass up this album."

- Jeb Branin / Short Fast and Loud