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LIFE 033
After years of procrastination, waiting on artwork, and months of assembly in the Life is Abuse sweatshop, we bring you this fine paperback book and CD by HEADACHE. 34 tracks in 72 minutes of frantic thrash with crazy time signatures and rock opera grooves. Headache existed in various forms during the mid 90’s, reeking havoc all around Europe during countless road treks and assaults on small villages in England. This small tribe of deshelved mental patients began conducting their own MK Ultra experiments in Leeds, using cheap ass white cider, gluebags and instructions from their mentor, Douglas Barnaby Hurdle, backed with their own hybrid mix of thrash, street punk, psych rock, and Manowar worship. This CD contains their LP (released on FLAT EARTH), 7”, demo tape, and number of comp tracks as well as 50 pages of artwork, lyrics, comics and other secret artifacts that were unearthed during their brief career of sonic debauchery.

Track Listing:
1. Agaa
2. Empty mp3
3. I was so high I thought i saw God
4. Relics
5. Fears
6. Radsividr i Snoefellsnessy'sla
7. Parasite mp3
8. Punx Destroy
9. Same mp3
10. Mine
11. Sink
12. Your Place
13. No Problem
14. Mighty Knights
15. Miserable
16. Fax
17. Punx Destroy Fkin Hippy Mix
18. Mess
19. Miserable
20. Free
21. Hate
22. Fok
23. Cold
24. Suck!
25. Wrong
26. Rid of Me
27. Sarcastic Unity Song
28. Drop Dead
29. Shit
30. Heritage from the Past
31. Die
32. Rid of Me

Release Date: June 2005
Catalog #: LIFE 033