Laurie Sue Shanaman - Vocals
John Cobbett - Guitar
Christy Cather - Guitar, Vocals
Aesop - Drums
Ross Sewage - Bass

San Francisco, CA (1999 to Present)

LUDICRA "Hollow Psalms" CD (Life is Abuse) 2002
LUDICRA "Another Great Love Song" LP/CD (Alternative Tentacles) 2004


P.O. Box 16071
Oakland, CA 94610


Created on Halloween, 1998, Ludicra surfaced from the minds of John Cobbett, the guitarist of Hammers of Misfortune, and former Hickey drummer, Aesop. Ludicra was envisioned as a raw and primal black metal band. With the addition of bassist / vocalist Jesika Christ, formerly of Sangre Amado, and guitarist / vocalist Christy Cather, Ludicra was realized.

The first Ludicra line-up debuted in February of 1999 with critical and public praise, creating a San Francsico Bay Area following. Several months later, Jesika left Ludicra. Bassist Ross Sewage of Impaled and lead vocalist Laurie Sue Shanaman, formerly of Tallow, joined with John, Aesop, and Christy to complete Ludicra again. They evolved their sound beyond the usual confines of black metal to emphasize elements of harsh reality and modern despair.
Ludicra recorded their first album, Hollow Psalms, and saw its CD release in Spring of 2002 with the Bay Area label Life Is Abuse. The music was showcased live all along the West Coast, as Ludicra shared the stage with highly regarded bands such as High On Fire, Nunslaughter, Damad, Amber Asylum, Agalloch, and Kylesa. They also headlined the 2002 SF Tidal Wave Festival, won the prestigious SF Weekly Best Hard Rock / Metal Band Award in 2003, played at the 2003 Seattle LadyFest and the fifth Stoner Hands of Doom festival. Numerous national magazines and web 'zines covered the rise of Ludicra, including Metal Maniacs, Terrorizer, Maximum Rock & Roll, Short Fast and Loud and Bay Area Buzz.

In early 2004, shorty after the selling out of the first pressing of Hollow Psalms, Ludicra entered the studio to record their sophomore effort. At the controls was Bay Area recording veteran Billy Anderson, known for his recording work with the Melvins, Mr. Bungle, and the Swans. Shortly after the completion of the sarcastically titled Another Great Love Song, Ludicra was approached by Jello Biafra and Alternative Tentacles to join their consistently eclectic roster. Alternative Tentacles recognized Ludicra's appeal to go beyond black metal's confines, recalling brutal voices of AT's past like Logical Nonsense, Dead and Gone and Neurosis. Ludicra agreed, and Alternative Tentacles' release of Another Great Love Song is sure to crush eardrums and destroy petty boundaries.


"Hollow Psalms" CD
2002 (LIFE 022)
Available Now