Personnel (Left to Right)
Captain Cum Socks - Bass, Vocals
The Crackwhore - Keycrusher, Vocals
Mick Jagoff - Vocals
Rick the Desert Dick - Reeboks
Deuce Labia - Thunderdrums
Yancy Peters - Guitar, Vocals
Oliver Klosoph - Lead Guitar

San Francisco, CA (1999 to Present)

NIGEL PEPPER COCK "Fresh White Reeboks" 7"

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Our story begins with 6 young men who were all college buddies, and members of the fraternity ALPHA KI COCK. The fraternity
already had a reputation as being the WORST at Stanford University before these guys enrolled, and when they finally did, the whole campus was reeking of testosterone, stale beer, and dirt weed. One day our heroes decided to head down to Spring Break in Palms Springs, for some pre-summer party action. On their way home, they got lost in the desert, searching for a gas station. This is where their cosmic encounter began that put them on their path today. Call it Kismet, call is psycho kinesis,. all that is known is that meeting Rick the Desert Dick changed their lives forever. They now had a purpose, a reason to exist.

Soon after, the dudes dropped out of college and moved to the not so peaceful streets of San Francisco. After a few years saving money by doing “odd jobs” aka working for crooked pimps and
political leaders, our boys of summer were able to acquire musical instruments, and with time and patience, they learned to master them as well. And soon that cosmic light was shining and three words fell from the lips of god, NIGEL PEPPER COCK.

And so begins their illustrious career wreaking havoc on the Western
Hemisphere. Just one year after attaining their mystical powers, the
name Nigel Pepper Cock has gained infamy the world over. Nigel’s first release “Fresh White Reeboks Kickin’ Your Ass”, has swept across the nation like a wildfire.. out of control!! With a major multi-album record deal with the extreme punk and metal label LIFE IS ABUSE, orders for the newest full length “The New Way” have been pouring in. Our heroes returned from a tour of the greater United States and have been preaching the gospel of Rick, the Desert Dick to all the lonely aching souls in America. Lock up your children, NIGEL is HERE!!


"Fresh White Reeboks.." 7"EP
2001 (LIFE 014)
Available Now



"The New Way" LP/CD

2002 (LIFE 021)
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