Brandon - Bass, Vocals
Dustin - Guitar
Hank - Keyboards
TJ - Guitar, Vocals
Travis - Drums

Seattle, WA (1998 to 2003)

Teen Cthulhu "Simple Elegance" CD (Rock and Roleplay)
Teen Cthulhu s/t 7" (Thin the Herd)
Teen Cthulhu "Ride the Blade" CD (Rage of Achilles)
Teen Cthulhu "Ride the Blade" LP (Life is Abuse)
Split 10" with Akimbo(Rock and Roleplay)
Split 7" with Hollywood Mike Miranda (Crashrawk)
Split 7" with Iron Lung "tentacled breathing" (RNRP)
Split 7" with Wormwood (picture disc) (Accident Prone)
Split cdep with Cream Abdul Barbar (Hyperrealist)




Armed with blast-beats eternal and distorted everything, Teen Cthulhu brings a fucking tornado of rusty blades and hammers down upon those who who dare approach the vaulted hallways of White Center, WA. Much like a dusted Orc force feeding a Werewolf it’s own fur, the sons of Cthulhu will degregate and masticate all puff-metallers and jocks. These men are on a mission to cut a wide swath of blood through the hallways of hardcore and will bring the battle back to the homes of their oppressors, utilizing everything from lightning fast blasts to plodding doom in their palm muted death-march across this Earth.

Formed in the year Ninteen-hundred-and-ninety-eight, these men of
Cthulhu prayed hard to the twin gods of Metal and Hardcore in search of the black path and were shown the way, walking hand in hand with unknowable terrors on the shores of blood oceans. These Clerics of the metal way have been given maxed out attribute bonuses and enchanted amplification in unholy aid to their Chaotic Evil quest, so be forewarned: Teen Cthulhu will roll a natural 20 and decapitate you in a single blow, no saving throw.


"Ride the Blade" LP
2003 (LIFE 023)
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